Theo for Europe?

WATCH out Mary Honeyball, Labour’s London MEP in the European Parliament. He wouldn’t want me to blow his cover but – whattdahell, let’s fly the kite and see what happens – I hear Camden’s own Theo Blackwell fancies her job.

The finance chief who was in the thick of the budget debate in Camden this week has apparently told friends that he won’t be seeking re-election in his Gospel Oak ward in 2014. Instead, he is said to be thinking about drawing a line on a topsy-turvy 12 year shift at the Town Hall by standing for the European Parliament. A new job has taken him across the channel several times and he has a feel for a new challenge.

With a little collection of London Labour members feeling somebody else deserves a turn on the Eurostar, who’d rule him out if he should reveal a leap along these lines?

2 Comments on Theo for Europe?

  1. Excellent opportunity for him to confirm or deny

  2. = this guy, theo, was not going to stand for the local elections, last time ’round…
    you know that very well, mr osley )
    meric apak had torn away his labour party card !
    now he is also a councillor in camden.
    integrity in public service/representation ?
    ..pigs may fly !!

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