‘With every fibre of my body…’

Blogging Kentish Town Labour Meric Apak councillor discusses the no holds barred language of hate on a recent post:

Are the proposed cuts fair? How can cutting over £90 million be fair? That’s how much this Tory led government is cutting from our budget, and even though I thought I was incapable of hatred, I will make an exception when it comes to this government. I hate everything they stand for. And I hate it with every fibre in my body.

That’s a lot of hate.

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  1. Andrew Marshall // March 3, 2011 at 5:00 pm //

    Funny thing is, Meric’s a nice and genuine chap. But £90m of cuts can certainly be fair when there is a huge, huge structural deficit in the public finances. It will takes some years of retrenchment to get out of this. We have been living beyond our means as a country, the world doesn’t owe us a living. Meric should look at some independent forecasts of Britain’s fiscal position – the IMF for example – if he thinks there was much choice.

    • Come come now – Andrew. We all know that these cuts are too fast and too deep. They are based on right wing Tory ideology and even Tory economists are saying that they will push the country in to a depression.

      I am in no way saying that the country should not pay its debt. Of course it should. But quoting from an elderly resident in Camden “Most old people will be worse off and some may even die, at the expense of bankers celebrating their windfalls with Champaign”

      I rest my case….

  2. Cllr.Theo Blackwell // March 4, 2011 at 12:28 am //

    Andrew, you can’t deny the Tories have really gone for the cuts here – they are about £35m more in Camden than Labour would have done. By extrapolation, the £23m efficiencies the budget made out of £35 of cuts would have greatly reduced the £12m we did have to make to the front line.

    Another thing, in previous government you’d see the Tory right crowing about how the government needs to do more, quicker. I notice total silence from them about Osborne’s cuts. I take this silence as quiet affirmation, no?

  3. Local Tory // March 4, 2011 at 11:36 am //

    Interesting choice of verb, “hate”. Do we really have room in a democracy for people who hate, as opposed to people who can explain, maybe in emotive but ultimately rational terms, why they think their opponents policies are less good than their own?

    Increasingly, I think that the choices made on behalf of our country by the Labour party since c.1950, but to be fair to a degree supported by the Tories, will prove to have been utterly ruinous to the prosperity of my childen’s generation. I can, maybe, forgive the Labour politicians of the 60s, it was an exciting experiment and worth a try. But still to be offering deficit financed state corporatist solutions in 2011, and still to be advocating stealing from future generations so that we can have jam today, is inexcusable.

    But I don’t think even this entitles me to say I “hate” Meric Apak, even if he is advocating that today’s children should sacrifice their future for him. I’m perfectly willing to believe he just hasn’t thought through the profound intergenerational injustice of his party’s policy.

    I do think he OUGHT to think about it before opening his mouth, but there you go.

    • If only I had a penny for every person who accuses Labour for the sins of the bankers “stealing from future generations” ….. Perhaps I should suggest it as a new Tax in the next council meeting! But hey, now that Tories are in Government – albeit propped up by those fair-weather Lib Dems, I wonder how tough they will be with the bankers….

      Local Tory – wondering where they were in the Kentish Town by-election, perhaps busy misrepresenting what I actually did say.

      I did not say I hate Tories. As I said, I am incapable of hatred of people. What I did say is that I hate everything they stand for. And I stand by what I said – even on reflection! I hate it because people will die as a result of this ideological policy, I dare say, even fellow Tories! I hate it because no one voted for this as demonstrated by the tsunami in Kentish Town… Need I continue?

      • South Hampstead Observer // March 7, 2011 at 11:40 pm //

        Not really sure using the Kentish Town by-election to demonstrate a rejection of Conservative values really works. In May, the Tories came fourth in Kentish Town. In the by-election, they came, um, fourth. Hardly a tsunami. Do you think Labour’s result in Frognal in July was a tsunami too?!

        I continue to be amazed how the left have such vicious hatred towards people or views of the right. If Labour are so convinced that their ideology is correct, instead of expending their energy on hatred, they’d be better off using it to convince people that their views are right for the country.

  4. “camden labour council has asked the residents to ‘go begging’
    to pay for services affected by the cuts – why ?
    we have £ 2.8 million/year un-accounted for that can be used for the services.
    why are you not addressing that issue or the savings that can be made ? “

    • Hi there Vic, or is it Tim? No matter at least my name is out there in the open for all to see!

      You are obviously referring to the money the council spent on Tenant Participation and its associated overheads, and you ask me what I am doing about that.

      Well, firstly – when you brought a deputation to HASC Scrutiny on the matter, I persuaded the Committee to set up a panel Chaired by Cllr Revah. Now, I am sure you wouldn’t want me to undermine that panel’s work by commenting before they report on this matter back to our committee in April.

      Any other concerns? Vic!

      • * the concerns have again been sent to you via e-mail , today.
        awaiting your response.
        btw – the deputation asked you/the scrutiny cttee. to set up a tp panel..
        hmm , 6 months ago !
        do respond to the concerns as set out in the e-mail,

        awaiting your response.

  5. Meric Apak // March 8, 2011 at 1:12 am //

    South Hampstead Obsrever.
    Clearly you are very observant – but if I might just point you in the direction of travel here. In May highest votes by comparison were 812 Tory votes to 2382 Labour votes. On its own that was a crushing defeat for Tories. In the by-election this number was 188 Tory votes to 1411 Labour votes – even on the smaller turnout the difference in votes of 1223 alone exceeds by as mile the 812 hopefuls back in May.
    Speaking of “ideologies”, the size and direction of travel is an indictment on this unelected government. Yesterday Kentish Town, today Barnsley, tomorrow – well, who knows? … And speaking of being hateful, perhaps you should do some soul-searching and answer honestly if it is not this fact that you hate – perhaps more than I hate the ideology Tories represent.

    • South Hampstead Observer // March 8, 2011 at 10:01 am //

      My only point is this- Tory vote fell from 12% in May to 6.6% in the by-election (which incidentally was almost exactly the same result for the Tories as in the 2008 Kentish Town by-election where they polled 6%. In the Frognal by-election, Labour’s vote fell from 18.71% to 13.8% whereas the Conservative vote went up from 53% to 62.4%. Big deal. You were never going to win Frognal and the Conservatives were never going to win Kentish Town. Neither of these results mean anything on their own. Nor does Barnsley. Until there is an election in a seat that is anyone’s to win, you can’t read much into by-elections.

      Of course, you shouldn’t protest too much- if too many Lib Dems switch their vote to you, there are going to be a whole host of seats across the country that are going to fall to the Conservatives. Now that will get you narky!

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