Angry Alexis

FORMER Camden councillor Alexis Rowell enlivens the letters pages of the Ham and High with another attack on the Lib Dems. You could hear the groans from the Lib Dem group in Camden from my holiday in France last week. The more times he attacks his own party, the weaker the jolt he might hope to inflict. Still, quotes like the following won’t help Lib Dems trying to work the wards they lost to Labour last year:

I feel like a bit like Rip Van Winkle these days. When I shut my eyes 10 months ago I was a member of a progressive party. I’ve just woken up from a long slumber to find that the Liberal Democrats are apparently now supporters of nuclear power, chaos in local government, dramatically higher tuition fees, a top down Maoist revolution of the NHS and wholesale privatisation of public services.

The question is: Is Alexis still a member of the Liberal Democrats? And if he is, how long will his dissatisfaction allow him to keep on paying his subs? Moreover, are there any members still on the council who share his views?

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  1. Since now only the Greens support the anti-nuclear line. I sense a Labour / Green fusion in the offing for The ex ECO Champion of Camden.

    Only one way for Alexis to go and that’s not now with the Lib Dems. Back to his old Labour party unlikely! Become a Tory perhaps, can’t see that either! My bet is as an independent environmentalist to help save the planet, which he would be excellent at!

  2. Chris Knight // March 15, 2011 at 1:49 pm //

    Hmm!! Love him or hate him Alexis is a man of principle and he is not afraid to say what he thinks and I think he speaks for many of his Party.

    Nick Cleggs qoute in Kent on Sunday Lib “Dems will not lose support in the May elections”
    Well lets see!

    I not sure that the electorate won’t join Alexis and no longer “agree with Nick”


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