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A LITTLE shuffle in the wrong direction for campaigners hoping to persuade Camden Council to stop using Vodafone for their mobile phone needs, some wally sent this around to all councillors yesterday:

Dear Camden Councillor,
Camden Council pay around £125,000 a month for Vodafone services.
Yet Vodafone have managed to avoid paying a £6 billion tax bill, and Camden Council are so short of money that they are cutting nurseries, services for the mentally disabled and libraries. On your website, you call these ‘very difficult decisions’.
There’s something wrong with this picture. We want you to stand up for council services against the tax dodgers.
We’re calling on you to end your contracts with Vodafone and quit using their Vodafone phones. We’d also like to you bring forward a resolution to council to support of getting Camden off of Vodafone.

Ellen Luby
London, United Kingdom

Ellen, of course, died last year from cancer after years of protesting and campaigning in Camden. She might have agreed with the petition and its intentions, but you don’t have to be a Peter Po-face to think posing as the ghost of the borough’s greatest ever heckler seems a little off-key. No good will come of it.

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  1. Chris Knight // March 24, 2011 at 8:30 am //


    All Councillors understand the frusttrations and the point being made by those who are sending these emails.

    This matter has been discussed within the Council and the issues are well understood.

    Two things;

    One) Cllrs lead busy lives helping residents with their problems and this sort of activity can simply prevent this work by overloading their inboxes.

    Two)They would do well to look closely at non essential and nimby schemes going on in their area!!

    I can think of two in my ward with a price tag that would provide meals for the elderley and infirmed at Henderson Courts Age Concerns Resource Centre for quite a few months!

    As well as Ellen I have received one from one F Ansari could it be the former Lib Dem Mayour or yet another spoof, anyone know?


  2. I’ve no idea who sent these emails, and would not support the action – the issue is certainly strong enough not to need any subterfuge — but it certainly one that deserves to be highlighted. Can I add that if anyone would like to sign the Camden Green Party petition calling on council to end its contracts with Vodafone they can find it here:
    (As the CNJ had reported:

  3. peter.brayshaw // March 24, 2011 at 2:13 pm //

    The website sending these e-mails ( names the originastor of the petition as Sam Bueno de Mesquita, a Green Party Council candidate at the last Camden local election…of course, his name may have been taken in vain too.

  4. Constantine Buhayer // March 24, 2011 at 3:10 pm //

    Amazing just how many offenses the letter quoted above can achieve. It offended,

    1/ the name of Ellen Luby
    2/ the reasonable call for Camden to stop using the services of tax-dodging Vodafon
    3/ the time factor of Councilors and their electorate


  5. Cllr Peter Brayshaw // March 24, 2011 at 8:53 pm //

    A comment to Natalie…the website ( which these e-mails emanate dtates the originator of the petition to be Sam Bueno de Mesquita a Green Party Council candidate in May last year…of course, his name may also have been taken in vain like the late Ellen Luby ( and Faruq Ansari, Karl Marx, Jo Shaw, Ed Fordham and other alleged signatories). Perhaps Natalie might care to ask him?

  6. Cllr Peter Brayshaw // March 24, 2011 at 10:16 pm //

    PS to the above.

    I have just signed a much larger petition on this suspect US website (about Walmart)

    I signed as “Mickey Mouse”, with few checls (had to fill on an address,etc, but these are not published.)

    Given Sam Bueno de Mesquita, if indeed it is he, as well as Green Party activism, also boasts his professional and day-job expertise as e-comms, websites, digital campaigns, etc, perhaps he should be raken to task for using such an insecure site for a campaign, to the effect of blowing out of the water the issue itself?

  7. I’d rather people signed the Green Party petition, but council employees and party activists of all political persuasions are affected by this issue, and I wanted there to be a place that they could get involved which didn’t have a particular political party attached to it.

    I created the petition on, simply because they have a very effective petition site.
    I’m really shocked that someone is posing as Ellen Luby. That’s a weird, and horrible, thing for someone to have done. I’ve emailed asking for them to remove it and block the IP of whoever did it.

  8. Right – I’ve edited the petition so that it won’t pack out your inboxes with emails from people outside Camden and people using fake addresses (sorry about that, Chris and Peter).

    I’ll collect the genuine Camden residents’ list at the end, and send their messages on to you. I’m glad to hear you’re taking these questions seriously. It’s been a Green Party issue for a long time, but it’s something that all political parties can work together on.

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