Window broken in Leeds

*THIS post is in no way an attempt to compare the Suffragettes to the hairy paintball match in central London on Saturday*

OWEN Jones blogs today on Ed Miliband’s speech in Hyde Park declaring the Suffragettes as peaceful protesters – and then goes on to list the damage they actually caused. So for interest, here’s a few samples of a rare 1914 edition of The Suffragette, the campaign newspaper, which takes pride in stories of the disruption caused around the country. Getting the vote for women wasn’t, you know, just about running in front of one galloping racehorse. These fascinating cuttings were part of the personal collection of Jill Craigie, the film-maker wife of former Labour leader Michael Foot. The ‘no peace for the wicked’ section is a compendium of direct action: that Olympic Countdown Clock in Trafalgar Square wouldn’t have lasted two minutes…

(NB: note once they had finished reading about broken pillar boxes and singed haystacks in The Suffragettes, readers got to consider adverts for dainty frocks)

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  1. Constantine Buhayer // March 30, 2011 at 12:59 pm //

    Excellent images. On the march we saw some ladies dressed as suffragettes. Having only seen the old black and white photographs, it was a revelation to see them wearing purple and green and white items of clothing.
    And, on a different note, thanks to CNJ for being so local, hope other London boroughs enjoy similar.

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