Careless snacking costs votes

CAPTAIN Roger Robinson has sent out his orders to Camden’s Labour group: don’t take any chances at the upcoming full council meeting on Monday.

As chief whip, it’s the long-serving councillor’s job to make sure that Labour do not get embarrassed on any of the votes that might take place. That nagging High Speed 2 rail link debate is up for discussion, after all. In fact, RR’s had to get a bit bossy with an email to all members this afternoon. Three councillors will be absent from the proceedings and I’m told his warning to group reads something like this:

The council meeting has on the agenda two portfolios, environment and community safety and in the light of HS2 and the cuts in the police forces by the government this will result in debates where we need your support and voting presence. We need you all there for the whole meeting. If you leave the chamber please tell me or Phil Jones where you are going in case there is a vote. Please don’t bring and eat food in the chamber or leave without advising us.

Oh – and I’m told in the same message he asks for ‘comrades’ to stop discussing internal debates in public, describing contributions in a story about the sale of the Town Hall annexe published in the Camden New Journal this week as ‘disgracefully disloyal’.

Hmmm, will that kind of language stop councillors who feel strongly about the issue – and others – from making their point in the best way they see fit? We’ll see.

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