Chas against churnalism

THOUGHTS here go out to the journalists further up north London who have taken the last resort of going on strike. Editorial staff have downed tools at the Enfield Gazette, Barnet Press and the rest of Sir Ray Tindle’s newspapers. The dispute is that as staff leave for new jobs they are not replaced leaving those left behind with increased workloads. In those fractured circumstances, papers dip in quality and those big investigations we all value become impossible. It invites churnalism, where press releases replace genuine news coverage. The owners say: what can we do, we’re losing money on some of these titles.

You can keep track with what’s going on up Enfield way at the strikers’ own blog, which includes this message of support from Chas Hodges, of Chas and Dave. His big gercha:

Would the powers that be please provide the replacement staff needed to maintain the quality & upkeep of this wonderful North London newspaper. My wife is from Enfield & I am from Edmonton. Too many good things seem to be disappearing from our neck of the woods. Don’t let the Enfield Gazette & Advertiser be another one to bite the dust.

Local newspapers. You’ll miss them when they’re gone – and so will the nationals and BBC, as recent research proves.

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