The reshuffle

WHAT’S the betting among Camden Labour people that Jenny Headlam-Wells, only elected in October, fancies a cabinet position at the Town Hall?

Remember, this blog is just hyperbole. Theo Blackwell says so.

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  1. Andrew Marshall // April 27, 2011 at 12:06 pm //

    Being pendantic, I think the word “reshuffle” normally suggests that the person in charge – Prime Minister, council leader – is in a position to sack/promote/move colleagues. So a bit different from an election, when the leader has to accept whoever the caucus has elected.

    It’s obviously a matter for the Labour group, but I have to say I rather agree with the sentiments expressed to me by both the late Roy Shaw and by Jane Roberts, namely that there are advantages in allowing a leader to determine his team, promoting talent that might not otherwise have had the nerve to stand in a group election. Frankly any leader that uses this patronage power in a silly way does not last long – long-term leaders of councils with big groups have generally thrived by ensuring there is a diversity of views in the council cabinet. But it’s a particular occupational hazard of politics at every level that caucuses/groups contain people who are amazed that either the leader, or their colleagues, have failed to recognise their talents!

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