Why doesn’t Keith vote for the North London Tavern?

WELL, we all suspect Camden’s Liberal Democrat leader Keith Moffitt loves a bit of am dram – his group after all acted out different parts in a rehearsal of the Town Hall budget meeting earlier in the year. When the curtain went up on that production, it unfortunately played to an empty house, the audience locked outside by security patrols.

Still, I smell Baftas for the councillor’s starring role in the latest AV for dopes video.

As Royal Wedding guest Dan Snow, looking a little like Nick Clegg did strolling through town in that party political broadcast before last year’s general election, makes it all n i c e  a n d  s i m p l e  for us – we simpletons after all don’t understand important stuff like electoral reform unless its compared to things we like, like going to the pub – Keith joins the cast of pals who meet up in a car park and awkwardly procrastinate over whether to go for a beer or a coffee, and then what pub to go to.

As we shout at the screen SOMEONE JUST MAKE A BLADDY DECISION, Keith lays down a vote for the Black Lion. That’s not a vote for the North London Tavern, the watering hole in Kilburn where Gordon Brown partied with Glenda Jackson last year. In the end, they agree to go for the compromise of The Good Ship.

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  1. They don’t look like The Good Ship’s normal crowd. Definitely more Black Lion. Of course Keith’s been spotted more than once in West Hampstead’s Lower Ground Bar, yet it strangely didn’t feature in the options.

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