A walk in the park

AFTER all that sweary stuff, is it safe to come out now?

Labour councillors in Camden are trying to step back from the fireworks of their annual general meeting and the change of personnel in the senior positions of their group a fortnight ago. Several were irritated that Liberal Democrat Russell Eagling made mention of it during the temporary mayor-making ceasefire of a full council meeting last week.

How to solve the disagreements: A group awayday to Waterlow Park has been rustled up for early June. Item one on the agenda, I kid not, is… Team-building.

I wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall for that session. There’s more than two or three councillors who don’t buy into: we’ve had a spat, the spat is over, let’s move on… line. It is said by those briefers that that’s too easy a way for the winners of the revolution to keep the defeated in the doldrums.

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