This again

BORIS: “So, what I are we up to today?”

PR genius: “Olympic tickets story with Seb”

Boris: “Great, a line-up picture for the papers and TV?”

PR genius: “Well actually, Boris, we’ve come up with something a little different that I’m sure the papers are just going to love. How about – and I know this sounds a little bit wacky but come over the mountain with me on this – we have you, and Lord Seb, playing table tennis together. What an image that will make.”

Boris: groooooaaan

…and so it was that we were treated yesterday one more time to men politician, in suits, playing table tennis. The oldest, stalest press photo shoot idea of all time. See here. This time out, Boris and Lord Coe are even on a full size tennis court for the pictures. They could be in tennis whites and McEnroe headbands. If you don’t think tennis is an Olympicky enough, get them in running vests. But, oh no, they wheeled out the table tennis tables again. Always the table tennis.

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