While I was away..

IF you can’t remember a time when we all lived without mobile phones – and we did all manage to meet up in the pub at the right time back then – then have a blast from the past by heading to Cornwall for a Bank Holiday weekend.

While I was down there for the last few days, I still managed to get into a disagreement with Islington councillor turned peer Baroness Ece about her carefree use of the word chav – she’s says the word is endearing, I say it’s snobby and divisive. I also scooped tweet of the week over at @whampstead’s blog, oh yes, and I read Camden Town Lib Dem councillor Chris Naylor’s letter in the Camden New Journal. I’m not going to bang on about it, but check out the size of his response to John Gulliver’s report of his decision not to talk to the paper about housing issues. Thing is, a lot of time and energy has clearly gone into it. I still wonder whether it might have been a better use of the good councillor’s time and thoughts to talk about the Localism Bill rather than discuss endlessly about whether he will or won’t talk to his ward’s best read paper. He says he has more luck with The Guardian and Inside Housing – the big time – but the big question is: who is the local Lib Dems’s housing spokesman?

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  1. The Fib Dems in Camden are a busted flush. Naylor’s the only one in his ward – in fact, across the council the only wards with all Liberal councillors are West Hampstead and Fortune Green.

    The former was extremely close at the elections so I’ve no doubt that at the next set, Keith Moffitt and his fellow travellers will get decapitated. No doubt he’ll serenade this with one of his trademark f-word tantrums.

    Spokesman? After their born-again Thatcherite policy of selling off our council homes, the only word out of a Liberal housing spokesman’s mouth should be ‘sorry’.

  2. Keith Sedgwick // June 13, 2011 at 1:01 am //

    This half-wit Tom obviously isn’t aware that Labour’s head of Housing, Fulbrook, is selling off half of Holly Lodge estate to pair for the renovation of the other half. Numb-Nut!

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