All a bit of handbags

BULLYCHOPS centre forward Alastair Campbell’s never-ending charity football match tour landed in Burnley yesterday, but ended in a scuffle on the pitch with somebody called ‘Tom from The Wanted’. There was pushing and shoving and ‘Tom From The Wanted’ later tweeted: A fight with Alastair Campbell (yes the MP) and a twisted knee.again! Paiiin!    

‘The MP’ explains his side of the story here.

But should we be surprised it all got a bit tasty at Turf Moor? Maybe not. Our picture from last year confirmed, Mr Campbell doesn’t hold back. In a fund-raiser against the Camden New Journal heroes back in September, he towered over the hack defence but – look – isn’t that the giant’s hand clearly planted in Josh Loeb’s back. We still protest.

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  1. Total rubbish that pic – at that stage you PE drop outs from the CNJ were losing by something cronic – and you had resorted to taking chunks out of Alistair (and missing).

    A slight hand on the shoulder from him is bad photography, and besides, since when did you respect Sepp Blatter light-touch rules football, given your team’s performance?

  2. Tom Foot // June 8, 2011 at 3:42 pm //


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