When hospital PR jobs go wrong…

Doctors 1. Clegg and Cameron 0… but see how fast the press people move.

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  1. Peter Brayshaw // June 17, 2011 at 10:10 pm //

    As a Governor of UCLH I was in the audience at our National hospital;s lecture thetre for last weeks “5 pledges” speech by David Cameron. The audience included arounf 400 doctors, nurses, consultants, health managers, Governors, etc. Being an NHS audience, the majority were women, and many ethnic minority. David Cameron took questions, 7 out of 9 from the national media, and only two from the rest of the audience. He clearly knew the political correspondents by name, and called them as such. All questioners were white male. There had been a forest of hands from across the spectrum, not called. We felt we were being used as a backdrop of non-speaking “extras”. The Guys Hospital visit your footage refers to had a line-up of NHS staff behind the PM and his flankers (Andrew Lansley and Nick Clegg), again with non-speaking parts in the U-turn drama. Good for the chief consultant who walked across camera to complain that the Government entourage and general media scrum were disobeying hospital rules, which say” nothing below the elbow” in order to minimise the spread of killer bugs such as MRSA and C Diff.

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