Taxi drivers ask Stephen Fry: Did you park your cab in our spot?

HAVE you got your copy of this month’s issue of ‘Taxi’, the magazine of the London Taxi Drivers Association? I have. More importantly has Stephen Fry picked up his copy yet. The QI host often drives a decommissioned taxi around town and might surely be an interested reader.

Inside the mag – page 6 –there is a warning from LTDA executive Barry Hooper to the comic writer from West Hampstead that he will ‘no longer be a fan’ of his work if it turns out a rumour that Fry parked his private black cab in a rank reserved for the capital’s cabbies is true. Mr Hooper is appealing for photographic evidence to see whose ‘bogus cab’ was left outside John Lewis in the West End a couple of Saturdays ago.

“I have spoken to a couple of drivers that were very irate,” writes Mr Hooper. “A bogus cab was left unattended on the John Lewis Rank for a couple of hours. I’m told this cab belongs to comedian, writer, celebrity, Stephen Fry. If that’s true, I’m no longer a fan.”

Mr Hooper said he wanted to establish which private cab driver was “taking the p” out of working taxi drivers outside the department story. Mr Fry, who filmed a documentary about driving across the United States in his cab car, it has to be stressed, is of course innocent unless proven otherwise.

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  1. Whether guilty or not of this heinous crime, Mr Fry is no longer a resident of West Hampstead – and hasn’t been for some time!

  2. Richard Osley // June 17, 2011 at 3:28 pm //

    I thought you might say that… Chaka Khan still a resident?

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