Boris and the Canucks

TURNS out you and your mates can smash a city up if your sports team loses a sports match and nobody will really go mad about it, just as long as you have a couple kissing on the ground in the middle of the riot police mayhem. Fake or not, the art and composition of ‘The Kiss’ photo is what’s been taken away from the trouble in Vancouver this week after ice hockey fans ran apeshit just because their team lost an important cup game. The mess left behind (oi, by the rioters, not the kissers) has been largely forgotten, as too that these smasher-uppers were rebelling against a sports score, rather than something more  important like rising unemployment, deep poverty or climate change. A sports score.

While the kiss picture went viral and ended up on Newsnight (the bloke’s parents even proudly claimed him as their son as if he had found a cure for gout), did anybody ask what happened to those rioting ice hockey fans? These were supporters of the defeated Vancouver Canucks …and who is the UK’s biggest Canucks fan from afar? That’d be Boris Johnson, who was given a canucks jacket as a present after linking up with Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson two years ago. Is he still wearing that jacket with pride at weekends? I think an offical mayoral statement on the violence is in order. Surely he can’t condone what his fellow Canuckis did?

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