A headteacher’s letter

THERE was the most dignified and thoughtful of short responses from Jenny Stephen, headteacher at South Hampstead School, in response to press coverage in The Sunday Times about one of her students. I think people connected with the school are still wondering why a tragedy so raw featured in a Sunday columnist’s piece about parenting:. The head obviously felt the following point needed to be made.

India Knight’s article in last week’s edition of The Sunday Times saw fit to name a 14 year-old who committed suicide at the school of which I am proud to be headmistress, and appeared to use that tragic episode as a justification for her own style of parenting. It is difficult to convey the anger and distress this article caused among girls, staff, parents and all those who know this school, and those who know the truth about the truly lovely and superbly parented girl in question. Jenny Stephen.

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  1. lessdeceived // June 25, 2011 at 2:17 pm //

    I K – a gob of ego and entitlement in a sack of skin

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