THIS feels like rubbernecking at the scene… it’s aching to watch after just a few minutes, make that seconds, but you can’t look away at what becomes televised butchery. Andrew Neil ditches all that This Week patter and takes apart Baroness Peta Buscombe, head of the Press Complaints Commission, on The Daily Politics. His co-host looks increasingly awkward, like she’s walked in on a private telling off and can’t edge back out of the room without anybody seeing, as Neil hammers a fair point. What role has the regulator had in the swirling scandal over unnecessary – and in the case of Milly Dowler’s mobile for one, indefensible – phone hacks?

Neil smells blood from the off and the wimpy response that comes back tells you a lot about how large parts of the industry often see the PCC. At one point amid the shock and awe, the Baroness accidentally calls him Neil, at another she almost tries to take refuge behind a cup. And by the end, there it was, the chief of a body set up to stand up to newspapers floored all ends up by a barking journalist.

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