Official: New chief exec will get paid less

MOIRA Gibb’s replacement will not earn as much as the pay and bonuses package she earned at Camden Council which amounted to around £200,000 a year. The following is taken from an email sent by council leader Nash Ali to councillors as the story of her plans to depart emerged:

I wanted to let you know that last night Moira Gibb advised me of her intention to stand down as Camden’s Chief Executive at the end of December this year.

At a time when the public sector is facing unprecedented attacks, Moira has been critical in steering the council through one of the most challenging periods of financial uncertainty and risk and I think you will all join me in sincerely thanking Moira for her service to Camden.

Unlike some other local authorities who planned to tackle the cuts from central government year on year, Moira and the senior management team had the foresight to plan over the longer term.  Moira will leave Camden in a much stronger position to continue to the delivery of services to our residents.

I will be speaking to the leaders of the opposition parties in due course in relation to the recruitment process. We will take time to recruit to this important role and I will keep you informed of the process as it moves ahead.

The Council as part of our savings plan has already approved a lower pay scale for Chief Officers and we will be recruiting a new Chief Executive on this new lower salary.  


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  1. * when the ship is sinking, the rats jump first .

  2. Theo Blackwell // July 8, 2011 at 7:34 pm //

    What an exciting, intelligent cliche!

  3. Keith Sedgwick // July 9, 2011 at 1:43 am //

    This is all very interesting. Firstly, because Nash Ali’s praise of Moira’s Gibb preparation for Central Government cuts, way before the election of 2010, implicitly acknowledges that Camden would have been hit hard under Labour Government.

    Secondly, the choice of words by Moira are telling.
    · Her move will “enable a change of leadership” reads “Labour Councillors have made it clear that they don’t want me to lead their Council”
    · “A three year plan is in place….to minimise impacts on our communities” reads “Keep an eye on the Labour Councillors who might screw things up by messing about with by business plan for ideological reasons”
    · “Camden has….some of the most talented officers in the sector” reads “Labour Councillors value officers who share their political beliefs rather than who are competent so expect more officers to be pushed out”
    · “I am proud of the Council and its many achievements” reads “These Labour idiots don’t know what they’re losing in me”
    · “This is a model for others in Local government to emulate” reads “I’d like a job with the Department of Communities and Local Government bossing around other Councils”

    There is a view in Local Government Circles that where a Chief Executive goes so does the Leader of the Council. Nash Ali won’t be leading the council this time next year. You read it here first folks!

  4. Jason Randall // July 9, 2011 at 11:33 pm //


    Isn’t it a shame that you are not a Councillor anymore. If you friends in local government circles knew what they were talking about your party would still be in power in Camden and you would still be a councillor.

    The Labour administration in Camden is doing an excellent job, whilst your Tory colleagues in government were kissing upto Murdoch and Coulson. Nash and Camden Council can be proud of their achievements in Camden supporting the most vulnerable people.

    If I was you I would be challenging Pickles and Cameron and not talking c***

  5. Good to see a decision to reduce Chief Executive’s pay. Green Party policy is that the differential between the highest and lowest paid in an organisation should be no more than 10:1. We don’t need an organisation where some staff are paid £15,000 pa and the Cheif Executive over £200,000. We would expect an even better ratio than this in the public sector. What does Labour have in mind?

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