Sunday Review #6:In Midtown,Glenda’s Oscars, Idea stores

Sunday July 17, 2011
* Back to the News of the World, it isn’t even out today and it’s back to the News of the World, all roads, all stories lead back to the News of the World. I was slightly disappointed that none of the 200 editorial staff whose jobs were blanked overnight by Murdoch closing the paper down turned up for the NUJ meeting in Holborn on Thursday discussing what should happen next. Every time somebody says they are glad to see the back of a paper that gained a reputation for menace and stooped as low as hacking Milly Dowler’s phone, they are reminded of the ‘innocent staff’ that lost their jobs. It would be a more effective reminder, however, if some of them backed it up by helping to forge unity across journalism in the wake of this crisis. Instead of downing tools and providing some militancy after being told to clear their desks by the end of the weekend, they got back to work and produced the final edition. Of course, there should be pride and professionalism, but with the repeated orders to think of the sacked staff should come responsibility to share the experience and work with the union and others. It was others who did the talking on their behalf on Thursday night. That was a shame. It would have meant something to have just one of them there.

* Ken Livingstone was in Holborn on Thursday afternoon visiting an art gallery but didn’t seem to realise attempts are ongoing to rebrand the area as ‘Midtown’. The signs are draped over lampposts and hotels are marketing the made up location to American bookers. If the former mayor of the city doesn’t get it, I’m not sure it’s working out as first imagined…

* Those Camden Town giant ad hoardings mentioned earlier in the week are with us until at least October, I’m told. We’ll have forgotten what CT looks without them by then.

* Glenda Jackson is in the New Journal this week talking about how little she thinks of her Oscars – she gave them to her mother, whose obssesive cleaning polished away the gold lining. Her tale makes me want to revisit the classic scrunched up angry faces of the actresses she beat when she won. Glenda was too busy to pick up the award. You have to go back a few months to this old blog post to enjoy again, but it’s worth it.

* Camden Labour councillor Sarah Hayward has been crowned a ‘megablogger’ after being signed up as a contributor to Iain Dale’s flash new site Dale & Co [Didn’t Adam Boulton have a blog called ‘Boulton & Co]. Anyhows, next stop for Sarah is  surely a £300 per half hour turn reviewing the papers on Sky News with Sir Iain, who I’ve personally knighted for services to telling Twitter that he has a show on LBC. He has a show on LBC. Dale, who said he was quitting blogging then began blogging again and then blogged some more, has actually assembled a pretty impressive crew on the site. It’s certainly good, whether you agree or disagree with Sarah’s anti-Tory rambles on the issues of the day, that people on the ground have been considered for Dale’s new project. The audience is huge. Surely it must make the original Camden councillor blogger Theo Blackwell, a pioneer of online broadsides in this neck of the woods, a little envious. He would have loved that gig.

* SHEXY Kentish Town newsreader/TV presenter/boxing expert woman Zora Suleman posts this picture online with the message ‘hmmm I need an idea, but where can I get one?’

For those not up to speed, an idea store is what they call libraries in east London. Anybody fancy a rebrand like that round our way?

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