Two bats? You mean 548234782347 bats

REGULAR readers will know there are no more words left from me on the below, they will know I’m a broken man on this subject, circling listlessly around a groundhog world of neverending political ping pong photo-shoots. One day, not too long from now, I’ll just capsize and holler desperately for help: Take away this keyboard, please, take it now. I don’t want to be a journalist any more. Please. Take it. Have it. I want to work in PR, I want to organise politicians playing ping pong. Every day. Always in suits. Always. Always. Always the table tennis.

 The trail of dead leads back here from here… 

Below: Screenshotted from the Daily Mail’s website, a story about John Prescott showing a lighter side, like politicians like to do, by playing table tennis. 



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