About what happened in the library…

SOMEWHERE in the council CCTV archives is apparently a quite amusing film of members of the public taking matters into their own hands and painting over the walls of the Heath Library in Hampstead last year. This was in response to Camden Council’s own makeover of the place, which with its playschool colours was likened by horrified regulars to turning the library into something more akin to a child’s bedroom. I’m told there is an Ealing comedy caperish quality to the footage… but funbusters at Camden won’t let us see it. Sccrrreeecch. That’s the brakes on another Freedom of Information request:

Dear Mr. Osley

CCTV Footage from Heath Library

Thank you for your request to view CCTV footage from Heath Library from 2010, relating to members of the public painting over some of the walls in the library.  I can confirm that footage of the incident in question does still exist.

Having checked the council’s CCTV release procedure and consulted with Camden’s Information Access Manager, we have decided not to release the footage on the grounds that:
1) It would be in breach of the Data Protection Act as it would identify other people (third parties) whose consent would be required before we release any information.
2) It would not be in the public interest.
You have the right of appeal against the decision. If you wish to appeal please set out in writing your grounds of appeal (within 2 months of this letter) and send it to: Freedom of Information Appeals Panel, Central Complaints Unit, Camden Town Hall, Judd Street, London WC1H 9JE and your complaint will be dealt with through our Internal Review procedure.

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