Jonnie Marbles needs a new joke

THAT jester Jonnie Marbles May-Bowles today pleaded guilty in court to almost splatting a foam pie over Rupert Murdoch the other day. We have to say almost because, come on people, he pretty much missed, coming over all Adebayoresque in front goal. The papers report that he told the court: “I would just like to say that this the most humble day of my life.” Ha. Get it? That’s what Rupes told the select committee the other day.

Sadly, for some of us, it felt a little like we’d heard that joke before. You see funnyman Marbles used an identical line when he spoke on a discussion panel next to Tony Benn at Conway Hall in Holborn on Tuesday night. Up he got and said: “I’m going to be quite brief, because i’m clearly the least important person here today, in fact I would say that this is by far the most humble day of life.”

Everybody hooted.

Encouraged by that Marbles, represented in court by Raj Chada, the old Camden Council leader, thought he’d give the joke another outing today. Still, it makes you worry for the poor chap, whether his moment of fame risks turning into him into a misfiring robot endlessly trading on his one joke. Imagine the worst case scenario. Somebody pulls him a pint in a pub, he tells the barman: “Thank you for that pint of beer bartender, this is the most humble day of my life.” He gets on the bus and tells the driver: “I’ll be going as far as Stoke Newington, this is the most humble day of my life.” Humble day. Humble. Mumble. Malfunction. Repeat. Printer is offline? Abort, fail. Ugh.

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