So long Naomi

BELATED congrats to long-serving Lib Dem councillor John Bryant on getting married. I’m told several local party members were there to see him tie the knot. May I point you in the direction of his very open – I don’t think I’ve seen a councillor write about their non-council life more openly – blog about his life-changing summer…

Who knew JB had a Naomi Campbell poster in his bathroom?

Nana’s subtle influences on our living arrangements are beginning to show. Early on it was decided that my business needed to move out of the flat, which took place in mid-August, and since then the use of a table-cloth, and the arrival of a bathmat in the shower room, offers a glimpse of the feminising touches to the flat that I accept will increase over time.
My large black and white mounted picture of a young Naomi Campbell (before her nose-job) which used to be on display above the bathroom wash basin has been banished and is now displayed in the office. I suspect some football related items might need to follow.

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  1. John Bryant // September 15, 2011 at 10:25 pm //

    My blog is not restricted to politics. Perhaps finding out politicians are real people might be a surprise to some?

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