Pimp my riot van

WHAT to do with riot vans smacked and attacked during the disorder last month and the student protests earlier this year?

Camden borough police commander John Sutherland might have an idea. He can call his old mate Tim Westwood. When Chief Supt Sutherland, who you might have seen at the riot summits over the last few weeks, was in charge of the force in neighbouring Islington he got the curious hip-hop DJ to officially use the “power of pimping”it’s not me using that word, alright! – to turn a vehicle that had seen one too many days out at Arsenal matches into a mobile youth club.

The project came about after Supt Sutherland had a chance encounter with a cool person from MTV when his plane was delayed on the way back from a trip to the United States. The youngsters on the Andover Estate loved the result. “The van that was pimped was going for scrap. It was reaching the end of its life and didn’t have much worth,” the police chief explained later. A moan in Camden right now, back then, always, is there is nothing for our young folk to do: the perfect time for Supt Sutherland to order more pimping in Camden?

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