‘Ms Eagle is from Liverpool’

DO you think everybody in the Labour Party has forgotten the parachuting of Luciana Berger into the Liverpool Wavertree seat ahead of last year’s general election? Remember: She was in the middle of standing for St Pancras and Somers Town in the local council elections down here when she pulled out to run for the bigger prize up there. It caused the usual ‘she’s not from round here’ row on Merseyside.

And no – it doesn’t look like it’s been forgotten. When the proposed boundary changes were announced last week, it became clear there was a risk of two becoming one for the city’s constituencies. Luciana immediately said she wants to stand again – but so does former government minister Maria Eagle in the neighbouring constituency. The quote from a “source close to Ms Eagle” in the Liverpool Echo last week says it all. Ms Eagle, you see, “is from Liverpool”.

From Liverpool Echo

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