Rom-com makers look here

IF you tell new Highgate councillor Sally Gimson (hear her at the election count) you are feeling blue and want to throw yourself off a building, she’ll call your bluff and say ‘go on then’. Even if you are making that one last call to the Samaritans.

We know this thanks to the warm account of how she met her husband – written by her husband – at an induction meeting for prospective volunteer counsellors. Andrew Gimson explained in the piece still getting hits on the Daily Telegraph‘s website how neither were picked to become a fully winged Samaritan, but scored at romance instead. [Collective: aaahhhh!]. An affectionate account, it finishes with this almost Shakesperean ode to the travails of love-searching:

I merely wish to suggest that, if you want love, you should go looking for something else. Women who want to have babies, and are worried that they have not yet conceived, often find that things take a turn for the better when they start concentrating on something completely different. So, too, with love: it is a very unexpected thing.

Anybody got Jennifer Aniston’s number – this is 100 percent rom-com. Dollars for anybody who makes it into a film.

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