The post where I botch a photo of the world’s 85th sexiest woman

ONCE voted the 85th sexiest woman in the world – the entire world, people – by a lads mag and more importantly scoring a 72/100 for ‘fanciability’ in the annual Sky News’ top trumps cards (partly compiled by the brain of Adam Boulton which puts the scoring into an odd context), I was warned that I would be knocked out by Gloria De Piero MP if I should run into her here at conference in Liverpool.

P’ah. I’m a hard nosed journalist. Not the kind of putty-brained dunderhead who is going to get all wobbly over a former GMTV reporter… and mess up the focus on my camera so the end result looks more like a bad Facebook snap rather than something you’d see in a local newspaper. See. Perfectly fine. Here she congratulates Highgate by-election winner Sally Gimson in a hotel bar. GDP had just whispered to Sally that if she needs any help on her political journey from here in on, to not be a stranger.

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