Tales from Liverpool

* OF all the Camden mob at conference in Liverpool this week, Tulip Siddiq looked busiest, running errands all week for Tessa Jowell. Unfortunately I do not have the camera nor the superzoom that the nationals have to zero into what was on Tulip and Tessa’s itinerary documents. From the look of it, the former Camden councillor and ex-Culture Secretary had lots of journalists to meet. When she sat down with the Daily Tel, it looks like she ordered a bucket of champers while the journalists stuck to coffee. But it’s just the angle of the picture. Just the angle!

* THE cheapest way to get to conference by train is to a change at Crewe. But you get what you pay for and the 7.10 out of Euston on Monday was stymied by delays. It was a shame that former council leader Dame Jane Roberts and Defend Council Housing Eileen Short found themselves in different carriages. The delayed journey would have flown by if they had got onto chatting about Camden’s council homes.

* NO fancy hotels for Islington MP Emily Thornberry‘s team in Liverpool. Islington bods rented a house and slept in bunk beds. Apparently. How sweet. E.T. later tweeted in response to my investigations about sweet home from home arrangements: I shared bunk with Dawn Butler this year!

* APOLOGIES to Labour council whip Phil Jones (you can see him at the top having a cheeky woodbine) who was namechecked in an early draft of the New Journal’s conference sketch as one of Labour’s new young lions. Space limitations saw his name cut from a list of people considered young and energetic. As I had asked him his age earlier in the week and he’d told me 32, I think he thought the cut was deliberate…. that he had been shoved out, considered too old like a female newsreader at the BBC.  The slightly-sleepy eyes on Monday suggested he was still partying with the best of them on Merseyside the night before. He assures me, however, no vodka jellies were consumed.

* REMEMBER last week at the Lib Dem conference, Simon Hughes attacked Frank Dobson for living in a council flat (as if this was some new revelation). When it comes to housing debates, it’s obviously becoming coalition policy. Conservative housing minister Grant Shapps reached for the ‘Dobbo lives in a council house’ ammo when dragged to Liverpool to appear on the edition of Question Time broadcast from there.

* Finally, if your Twitter feed needs a shake-up: follow @kiramadeira. Bumped into this uncompromising tweeter a couple of times. She doesn’t hold back.

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