Local government’s toughest job interview… (play theme music from The Apprentice)

OCTOBER whizzes by – and there’s only ten weeks or so left of Moira Gibb’s life as Camden Council’s chief executive. She announced earlier this year that she would be leaving at the end of the 2011.

Her replacement is expected to be announced at least by the end of the month. The council has whittled down the candidates to just two. But it’s not like any old job interview, this after all being the top, top job at the Town Hall. The two candidates – for the first time in Camden’s recruitment history – were asked to meet community leaders earlier this week to see how they dealt with the borough’s switched on letter writers. The recruitment process has had a few little tasks like this, as if The Apprentice telly idea of handing out test assignments before hiring has caught on in local government. The tough assault course for Camden’s final two has already seen them grilled by a youth panel of five teenagers, a lunch with the rest of Camden’s chief officers and interviews with senior councillors. The tension builds. I’m assured there won’t be a dramatic pause and an ad break before the winner is announced from the two finalists.

All this rigour for a job which will attract a salary of £160,000. Camden has kept true to it’s word and lopped 20 percent of the salary commanded by Ms Gibb. Happy now, tax-payer’s alliance?

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  1. £160,000 is still too much – no-one needs that much … ten times what most people earn for working equally hard.

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