The things that happen at bus stops

PANORAMA’S John Sweeney had an interesting investigation into the use of child beggars in London broadcast last week. He had popped in and out of Camden and Westminster as part of their inquiry. Watching it, however, I couldn’t help but be distracted by one of the bystanders in the background in the undercover footage. I’m sure I’ve seen him somewhere before…

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  1. Nick Harding // October 25, 2011 at 7:38 pm //

    Last week I caught the 24 bus on Charing X Road and sat on one of the back seats. Soon I felt a hand in my pocket and checked in time. The woman signed to her accomplice opposite, patted me on the knee (presumably to thank me for not exposing her) and they got out hurriedly. I had the impression that there two others in the gang who didn’t get off. They moved seats several times but seemingly without success. The got off on Fleet Road and I followed them along Parkhill Road until they turned in and chatted to a man in the front of what of the houses. It reminded me of a similar experience on the 24 bus sitting in the same place, but that time I had just thought they were fooling around and scratching the top of my leg! how naive can one be.

    One lesson is to be particularly careful where you sit.


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