Carry on planting

KILBURN Grange Park has been given a makeover with the planting of some new Australian greenery. The new look includes some Kangaroo Paw plants, normally found down under. The council set up some photoshoot pictures of Labour councillors Mike Katz (at the back) and Tulip Siddiq (rubbing her hands?) joining the dig on Monday morning and sent them this way.

*Note to self: End post here before it turns into a caption competition…

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  1. Great to see Camden’s Labour out digging, what better way to build excellent team bonding in times of extreme hardship. It hunkers back to the old WWII years of “Dig for Victory” in times of great austerity.

  2. Q – How many Labour Party members does it take to pretend to be planting a tree?

    A – As many as will fit into the photo of course!

  3. Be careful where you stick your Kangaroo Paw, mate.

  4. Kim Janssen // October 27, 2011 at 5:25 pm //

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