Not a custard pie in sight

NEW Journal editor Eric Gordon was among those giving evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Future of Investigative Journalism yesterday. He said although the web will become more and more dominant, there is a future for good local newspapers dedicated to a specialist market – as in people interested in their local area. The difference: While it doesn’t always matter what national newspaper you buy, you will often get more or less the same stories, often just about re-written from the PA news wires, local newspapers will offer something different by covering unique stories relevant to the readership. Reporters don’t all flock to the same job and write the same thing. Eric also repeated his view that too many regional titles are held by too few newspaper groups. Earlier, former Ham and High reporter Dame Liz Forgan, now on The Guardian‘s Scott Trust, had given a bleaker view about the future of print journalism… You can hear the audiocast HERE. The gaps in the recording are division bell breaks where the Lords on the committee had to go and vote.

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