Spooked in St Martin’s Gardens

BORIS Berezovsky and Roman Abramovich’s billion pound High Court battle continues. It seems like it’s been going on for months. Mr Berezovsky was actually at the Royal Courts of Justice for a completely separate case last March, when he won £150,000 libel damages after a Russian TV company wrongly claimed he had been involved in the murder of Alexander Litvinenko.

“I am pleased that the court, through its judgement, has unequivocally demolished RTR’s claims,” he said at the time. “I trust the conclusions of the British investigators that the trail leads to Russia and I hope that one day justice will prevail.” A source used in the offending RTR documentary identified on screen in a documentary only as Piotr – shown as a silhouette – was alleged to be former KGB agent Vincent Terluk.

So what’s all that got to do with Camden Town? Not much.

But the legal papers in the libel case show Terluk – or Terlyuk – claiming he got mixed up in all of this almost by chance. He told the High Court that his bit of the story had all begun simply because he heard people talking Russian “near the park in Camden Town”.

The name of the park is not identified in the papers… I’m assuming if it was Regent’s Park, that’s a place so well known it would have been named. So let’s guess at St Martin’s Gardens. The former agents of St Martin’s Gardens. A place we walk through every day.

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