The BB Gang

I KNOW MPs are allowed to tweet from the House of Commons. And I know there are a million things you can do on your mobile phone. And I know that notes don’t just come on pieces of paper these days.

But there is still something odd about watching MPs constantly twiddling with their phones during debates and question and answer sessions in the House. I d’know, it gives this strange impression – and this would surely be unfair if we could somehow Dennis Quaid our way into their heads – that they are not actually listening to what’s being said. These pics are all from a sample five minute passage of yesterday morning’s questions to Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt and his team. Tweet, tweet, send, tweet. I’m sure they are all sending and receiving important correspondence and not looking at funny internet clips of cats hazzing cheezburgers.

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  1. David Douglas // November 8, 2011 at 4:28 pm //

    Top pic is Nicky Morgan – who lived in Sumatra Road until recently

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