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ACROSS London and up and down the country, battles are raging to save libraries from closure or being driven into a volunteer management system. Truth is, libraries were never going to be totally shielded from the barrage of public spending cuts facing local authorities. Lots of eloquent arguments for their preservation but – roll up, roll up – here’s one reason you haven’t seen on a placard yet. It’s courtesy of Dame Jane Bakewell, who as  reported by Georgia Graham in today’s Camden New Journal is joining a campaign to protect Chalk Farm Library for future generations to enjoy.

We love libraries. We can get our buggies through the door, we can meet up with people and have a chat, we can check the noticeboard for yoga lessons or who has a cottage in the south of France for rent.

So, two things: i. SAVE THE LIBRARY and ii. has anybody got a gite free in Languedoc next Spring?



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  1. Theo Blackwell // November 11, 2011 at 11:27 am //

    I can happily confirm that doors wide enough to fit buggies – and noticeboards advertising flats dans le Sud – will still exist under the community-run library model being considered by the Town Hall.

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