At the Lords

THE Camden New Journal was invited to give evidence to the House of Lords Communications Committee investigating the ‘future of investigative journalism’. It was a good invite, as some big names are on the list of people appearing before the panel. For example Paul Lewis, special projects man at The Guardian was doing his turn last night. The transcript of the CNJ’s appearance is now up online. You can see it HERE.

A little taster from the boss, editor Eric Gordon. He told the panel at one stage:

On the matter of being too close to the establishment, I recall that at one time in the mid- or late 1990s we were banned at Camden Town Hall for at least six months by the chief executive, whom we had upset. I have always believed that if there is a principle at stake then, come what may, even if it may damage the paper we should go ahead with it. I admit it is just my peculiarity, but that is how I feel.

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