Railings-gate: The one that got away?

IT stands alone: the railing – sorry the ‘guardrail’ – that got away. A lone survivor in the new look railings-less Camden Town. As railing after railing was chopped down this week in NW1, dividing the neighbourhood over whether the move towards an uncluttered, unfettered Camden Town was wise or not (…think how cluttered it gets with tipsy people during the weekend party hours), this fence somehow remains in tact. Against all the odds. A notice pinned to it says it is due, like all the others, to meet the cutting machine in the week commencing November 11 – i.e. this week. Surely that means it just has to get through the weekend to clinch its survival? A symbol of resistance, a lasting reminder of Camden Town’s guardrail years.

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  1. Gio Spinella // November 18, 2011 at 2:32 pm //

    For what it’s worth, I raised a question about the metal from railings and from removed bullards in full council a few months ago, asking what was happening to the metal and who was getting the money for the sale of the scrap.

    Here are some prices
    ( source http://www.wrap.org.uk/recycling_industry/market_information/market_knowledge_portal/materials_markets/metal.html )

    The current highlights and trends are:

    Ferrous scrap metal prices were broadly stable between September and October 2011 at around £190 per tonne – although prices vary by grade.

    Prices for dry bright copper to £3650 per tonne.

    Recovered aluminium £960 per tonne in October 2011

    Prices for recovered steel cans £170 per tonne between September and October 2011, while the price for mixed cans £160 per tonne.

    Aluminium PRN prices £4.50 per tonne in October and are around £30 per tonne

    Steel PRN prices £4.50 per tonne in September 2011.

    Small change compared to the greater public expenditures but a tonne of copper is probably twice as much as the average Londoner takes home after taxes. Never did get a reply….

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