Boris gets a coffee machine, some M&Ms and a Sno Wovel

THE gifts and hospitality register for London Assembly members is due for discussion and sign off at City Hall tomorrow. It goes back in part to the days when Boris Johnson was adding ‘lunch with James Murdoch of News International’ onto the slate (22/2/10). Since then, the Mayor has shown that being Mayor has led to him being given free M&Ms and the present of a coffee machine from ‘Steve Auckland at the Metro newspaper’. Boris also got a Flaggo game and a Sno Wovel – whatever they are.

Meanwhile, Boris’s deputy Richard Barnes has entries touching four pages on the register. No M&Ms for Mr Barnes – but he does declare cufflinks, a gift from Superintendent Donald Mackinnon of Lothian and Borders police, a paper weight from the city of Quebec and a Bavarian table clock.

The gifts list also shows Crystal Palace Football Club being generous with their hospitality. Assembly member Stephen O’Connell was given tickets to four of their matches last season. Lucky for Mr O’Connell – he is after all ‘a lifelong Crystal Palace supporter’.

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