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SO, this idea of advertising being hooked to the side of Camden Town Hall – what would it look like? Below, isn’t a photoshop imagination from me, it’s the official application by Camden Council to its own planning department for permission to drape a giant banner over the annexe building in Euston Road, King’s Cross, during next year’s Olympic Games. The application papers confirm: “The council is looking to maximise all sponsorship and advertising opportunities as a means to cover the projected additional costs for services for the duration of the Olympics and Paralympics and to contribute towards the funding gap.”

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  1. I just know the staff are going to love it no sun light for 6 months or more ! why can’t they have a smaler one with welcome to the 2012 games that people can see when comming out of the station

  2. What is really interesting about this vision of the future is that the guardrails are still there.

  3. Constantine Buhayer // November 22, 2011 at 12:38 am //

    No guardrails = where can we park our bikes? Suddenly Camden is a no go area for… cyclists. Swear words fail me.

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