Up on the roof

EARLIER in the year, I suggested a Labour party leaflet in Holborn and Covent Garden looked more like a movie poster.

…and now, courtesy of Camden Council’s hardly watched YouTube channel, HERE are our three musketeer councillors on camera at lastNot sure about the soundtrack, mind, whose idea was it to send them upstairs to compete with a windy rooftop?

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  1. Julian’s son, Konrad, has been playing with the video again!!!

    The Word is Hair.
    Oswal’s is too short, Sue’s is the wrong colour, and Julian is desperately trying to cover the truth (that he is going bald)!

    If these representitive can not face facts about their hair, what chance have we for them to convey the truth about the “State of Camden”?

    “If you pay peanuts, then you get monkeys.”

  2. Funny, all I could think, as I watched these three up on the roof, was “Jump! For goodness sake, do us all a favour and jump!”

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