A unique bye-bye to the bendy buses

HE is one of a kind at the Town Hall. You never know what larks he is going to come up with next. Conservative councillor Jonny Bucknell – star of the hit dance record ‘Death by Option Eight (remix)’ – has forged another place for himself in the history books by becoming the last passenger (he claims) on a London bendy bus before they were taken off the roads a couple of weeks back.

This was no accident, he plotted it out so that he would be.

Unfortunately for JB, who hated the bendies, this wasn’t a case of just hopping on the N29 for a bit as it burped through Camden Town. No, he checked the timetables and found himself on a 207, which goes to somewhere you’ve never heard of called Hanwell. Buckers made sure he was the last to leave the bus before it wheeled into the depot for the last time and then had himself photographed making history. Jealous? We all are.

He then waited for the same service back Camdenwards, a double decker on the return journey. It’s one way to spend your Saturday night.


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