‘The Colonel’ heads to spadland

AT ‘Big Mo’s’ leaving do on Monday night, Camden Lib Dem deputy leader Matt Sanders questionned whether anybody at the council actually called Moira Gibb by that Sherwood Forest nickname. Councillors tend to know the senior officers a little better than the rank and file workforce that you meet in cafes and pubs, so it didn’t surprise me that he and others haven’t heard it before. Matt’s own disbelief was partly because I had referred to him as ‘The Colonel’ in the past. He omitted to mention, however, that I clearly pointed out that, unlike ‘Big Mo’, this was not a commonly used nickname…

…anyways. ‘The Colonel’ has big news of his own. He is stepping down as the Camden Lib Dems deputy leader. No scandal here, he is too busy for the role as he’s heading to Spadland to be a special adviser to no other than Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. He’s not the first Camden councillor to take on a Thick Of It job in government. He’s only got to look across the corridor at Westminster and he’ll see fellow Camden councillor Laura Trott, a spadster to Francis Maude, working on a policy matrix or two.

But what of the hole in the Opposition group? An election for deputy leader will be held in January but I guess the smart money would be on Tom Simon stepping forward at some stage. Russell Eagling, who lurks in the shadows but should push himself forward more, has already told the group he won’t be applying.


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