A massive step forward

IT’S a good job Camden Council pays somebody to keep the Town Hall busy on Twitter. When it was rainy and windy earlier today, they tweeted this very  important advice: “Wow – the rain is pretty heavy right now in Camden – grab a brolly quickly if you’re out!”

If you were ‘out’, getting soaked, that must have been a very useful tip. But never mind such community-minded gems from the council’s communications team, Camden police has now joined Twitter! Good on them. You might as well see their full launch press release. They are ‘moving with the times’.

Tackling Crime Goes Online!

Police in Camden have embraced the social media revolution with the launch of the new Camden Police Twitter account, (MPSCamden). The account, set up by Camden Police’s Head of Business Operations, Pierre Petrou, has been set up to inform the public of police related news, events, online facilities and major incidents which relate to the borough.

It is aimed at providing residents, businesses and communities, with up-to-date information and safety tips directly from the police, as well as news about how officers are policing Camden, brief information of any major criminal investigations, prosecutions and court results.

Followers of ‘MPSCamden’ will expect tweets covering some or all of the following types of information:-

Operational updates about the policing of events;
News about how officers are policing the borough, major criminal investigations and prosecutions;
Appeals for information and assistance from the public relating to Camden;
Crime prevention advice or local community information;
Advice about keeping safe.

However, officers have warned that people should never try to report crime using Twitter.  The police can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by dialling 101.  In an emergency, always dial 999.

Camden Police’s Head of Business Operations said, “This is about moving with the times.  Sites like Twitter and Facebook have been around for a while now and we are excited that we will have the opportunity to break our news items and provide safety advice direct to residents, businesses and communities of the borough.

He continued, “This is a massive step forward and something which will work well with already established communication channels, such as Neighbourhood Watch, and other ‘Watch’ Schemes.  It will also be welcomed by those who generally want to be the first to know about important policing matters pertaining to their borough.

Operations Superintendent for Camden, Roger Smalley, added, “Twitter will present an opportunity for residents and businesses to be aware of incidents which are occurring in their neighbourhood instantly.  We do not plan to overburden followers with too many tweets each day, but aim to focus more on quality, rather than quantity.”

The web address for the account is http://www.twitter.com/MPSCamden or you can follow Camden Police, by searching for “MPSCamden” at http://www.twitter.com

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