Market drifter: 2-1 on Ken

BACK in July, I posted up here what odds the bookmakers were offering on Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone in their mayoral contest. Boris was the clear favourite. As they turn for home, Ken would be looking to have made up that ground by now, but in racegoer’s terms he is becoming a bit of a market drifter. Whereas in July the bookies had Ken narrowing in on even money, you can now get almost double that by backing him. Still, they were wrong about Glenda in 2010 and Labour people will be loyally telling me they are about to make a killing…

Also note: Any Lib Dem 25-1 has jumped to Brian Paddick 66-1

ODDS as of January 8, 2012 with Ladbrokes

ODDS as they were on July 12, 2011 with Ladbrokes

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  1. The best odds on Ken at the moment is 9/4 with William Hill. See
    Whether that’s good value or not depends on whether you think he has a chance!

  2. Also (forgive my pedantry!) but you do more than “double your money” with odds of 2/1. You turn £1 into £3 (£2 winnings + £1 stake). You double your money at evens.

  3. Richard Osley // January 8, 2012 at 12:56 am //

    ..such pedantry is not only forgiven but welcome

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