‘This is now getting silly’

WE all allowed ourselves a little break from the stress of this city on Friday to collectively laugh at Ed Miliband’s typo tweet mistaking ‘Blockbusters’ for ‘Blackbusters’. It’s true that this took away from the tributes to Bob Holness, but, come on, it was funny. In fact, in the context of the week’s news, supporters of all political parties thought it was funny and in true Friday-afternoon-in-the-office style everybody swapped jokes on Twitter. And laughed. And got giddy over it and together just about wrote a new episode of The Thick Of It. I guess maybe even Ed Miliband had a smile about it at some stage, somewhere.

Still, the unofficial rules of the Twitter boondoggles state that somebody, usually within the hour, must make a comparison about how excitable we get over a silly typo compared to important world events.

The Guardian’s media editor Dan Sabbagh was on Twitter and blogs doing the honours for us, warning that ‘Twitter was eating itself’:

There was a time when Twitter was considered a great tool for liberation – a utility that could not be suppressed when there were protests in Iran, regardless of how many Iranians used it. Maybe that was optimistic, but it was fun, at least, when people could use it as a tool of mass disobedience, making a mockery of superinjunctions taken out by Premiership footballers like you know who. But this is now getting silly.

In other news this afternoon… Dan S’s fine paper – and it is a fine paper and there is something on their website everyday that makes me jealous – kindly gives us a Live Blog on the big story of the day: Nick Hewar’s first appearance on Countdown. To think, time was when Live Blogs were used to cover protests in Iran, economic meltdowns and important political things and and and and you get the idea with that….

The internet is made for this kind of thing. There is room for the serious and the silly. Let’s not feel too bad for spending a couple minutes off to have a giggle about Ed Miliband’s tweet. It doesn’t mean we don’t care about the important stuff. And let’s enjoy the light-hearted live blogs too.

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