How journalism works: part 342346

REMEMBER the light-hearted blogpost from the other day about how it was possible to pretend you were renting the flat above Speedy’s cafe in North Gower Street. It’s an important property for telly fans because the drama series Sherlock gives the impression that Holmes lives there. The inside shots of course were filmed miles away and the whole thing was a tad spurious. Like I said, it was just a light-hearted blog.

You can read it again HERE if you really want to.

Or a week later, you can buy the Sunday Express today and learn it all over again. It’s as high up the paper as page 5 (i.e. considered one of the best things they have this week) and branded an ‘EXCLUSIVE’

*Family Fortunes wrong answer buzzer noise* The datemark on The Telegraph’s piece about the same thing, kindly acknowledging where they read it first, makes me wonder whether I really understand what ‘exclusive’ means.

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