Meanwhile, in Sunderland…

THEY, as in you lot, are voting on which business in the whole of the United Kingdom has the best pun in its title. Among the shortlist drawn up by the Local Data Company is the Sunderland liquor store pictured below. Although no doubt a business dreamt up before Camden Square’s troubled superstar passed away last year, those in Camden Town who still feel protective of the singer’s memory might place their vote elsewhere.

Dorchester’s diner The King And Thai should be the market leader, but Thigh’s The Limit, a hosiery emporium in seductive Shrewsbury which promises ‘desirable legwear for women of all ages’, will no doubt win the day.

(PS any suggestions for the best punning business in north London?)

Photo: Creative Commons Licence/El Bingle/FlickR

5 Comments on Meanwhile, in Sunderland…

  1. I’ve seen a Codfather fish and chip shop in Barnet

  2. Thai-tanic in Crouch End is a personal fave

  3. Graham Peasantry // February 7, 2012 at 3:18 pm //

    There’s a fireplace shop called “Grate Expectations”, I believe.

  4. My fave pun is actually a west London one. Pita the Great in Ladbrooke Grove. Choicely placed next to the Kebab King. Wonder if they are still open.

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