Tom flies out…. here comes another by-election.

LIB DEM ears may prick up at this: Labour councillor Tom Neumark is stepping down from Camden Council meaning there will be a by-election in the politically-split Camden Town and Primrose Hill ward.

The bad news for the Lib Dems is that the vote will be held on May 3, the day of the mayoral elections when a lot of the press and hype will be about the Labour/Tory showdown of Ken or Boris. In those circumstances, the Lib Dems risk being squeezed. Who knows?

Tom’s possible departure from the council corridors has been a bit of an open secret over the last few months. His wife works in Washington DC and he’s been criss-crossing the Atlantic to be at the Town Hall and with her in the United States. On one such flight after last month’s full council meeting, he told today how he thought to himself that he couldn’t keep stock-piling the air miles. He’s well-liked on the council from all quarters and many had high hopes for him, especially after seeing his astute handling of the planning committee. One wise Labour head once whispered to me: Future MP. It will be interesting to see who fills the gap.

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  1. Chris Knight // February 15, 2012 at 3:23 pm //

    Shame! Tom is a very bright chap.

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