Camden River crisis: you can sail a boat on it

THE burst water main in the middle of Camden Town keeps flowing, two weeks after its first trickle. In fact, it seems to be getting worse, flowing past The World’s End pub, King Of Falafel and Subway. Even the New Journal’s office, 500 metres away, might not be safe if it keeps spreading. Thames Water have looked at it, but have not got further than putting a fence around the hole. In the meantime, it’s now wide enough to mean people have to leap over it. To see whether the ‘Camden River’ nickname it now has is fair, we tested whether a boat could sail through its choppy waters. Here it is, journalist Tom Foot sailing a boat crafted from paper by another top hack Georgia Graham down Camden Road. It’s time Thames Water put a plug in it.

1.. Tom begins the boat’s voyage outside the World’s End.

2.. A speedy start. It’s already at King Of Falafel.

3.. A bit of a hold-up at a ridge in the pavement but Tom gives the ‘don’t panic’ gesture to mean everything is all ok. Note: music-fan kids looking on in amazement and giant scaffolding at Britannia Junction behind.

4.. Now going faster than a bus.

5.. The customary ‘arty’ photo. Music fans outside the World’s End now bored.

6.. Tom retrieves the boat at the end of its voyage, almost as far down as Subway.

Proof: It is a river. You can sail a boat on it.

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  1. David Douglas // February 20, 2012 at 4:36 pm //

    And today the BBC report water shortage for Southern and Eastern England.

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